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Thus.2 is "minus five point two" or "negative five point two". Thousands of people crammed into the stadium These sentences do not say how many hundreds

Thus.2 is "minus five point two" or "negative five point two". Thousands of people crammed into the twenty twenty membership stadium These sentences do not say how many hundreds nor how many thousands: the "s" is needed as it is the only mark of plurality. Kilo- (Greek for "one thousand a decimal unit prefix in the Metric system denoting multiplication by "one thousand". Written Spoken 25 twenty-five dollars 52 fifty-two euros 140 one hundred and forty pounds.25 forty-three dollars and twenty-five cents (shortened to "forty-three twenty-five" in everyday speech).66 twelve euros sixty-six.50 ten pounds fifty Pronouncing measurements Just. Fractions together with an integer are read as follows: 1 is "one and a half" 6 is "six and a quarter" 7 is "seven and five eighths" A space is required between the whole number and the fraction; however. There are a few exceptions to this rule. Instead, "whole" and "half" (plural "halves are used. The number simply starts with a quantity of millions, for example One million. Years that are within the first 100 years of a new millenium can be read as whole numbers even though they have four digits, or they can be read as two two-digit numbers. 10,000 ten thousand or (rarely used) a myriad, which usually means an indefinitely large number. If the tens digit of a number is 1, then "th" is written after the number. 30 : 6 5 - thirty divided by six equals five. Two thousand two hundred and sixtieth. Two thousand, three hundred and twenty -five. Twenty - one thousand. English numerals - Wikipedia

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Hundredfold English also has some multipliers and distributive numbers, such as singly. In the USA, the word and is usually omitted. Other examples are given in the Specialist Numbers. 6: half a dozen sice (rare) the face of a die or playing card with six pips sextet sextic or hectic the degree of a polynomial is 6 7: septet septic or heptic the degree of a polynomial. A small hundred or short hundred (archaic, see 120 below) 120: A great hundred or long hundred (twelve tens; as opposed to the small hundred,.e. These pronunciations apply to American English. As a result some style guides example needed recommend avoidance of the comma as a separator and only to use the period (.) as a decimal placement. 9 1/2 9 Numbers with a decimal point may be read as a cardinal number, then "and then another cardinal number followed by an indication of the significance of the second cardinal number (mainly.S. This is modified when the first cardinal is zero, in which case neither the zero nor the "and" is pronounced, but the zero is optional in the "point" form of the fraction. This system is still used in several other European languages. In the legal field and in some older publications, the ordinal abbreviation for "second" and "third" is simply "d". "the definition of ton". Nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand (inclusively British English, Irish English, Australian Americans may pronounce four-digit numbers with non-zero tens and ones as pairs of two -digit numbers without saying hundred and inserting oh for zero tens: twenty -six. Example: I counted one hundred and twenty planes (and not 220 nor 320). Hundreds in the plural. Six hundred and ninety-nine thousand four hundred and eighty- two. Reminder : these examples and rules reflect usage in British English. English Grammar English4u Twenty-Five Years Anniversary Saint Aidan's Day Care Centre The Buzzer Twenty Thousand Hertz



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This "over" form is also widely used in mathematics. In literature, larger numbers might be spelled out. This usage probably evolved from the distinctive usage for years; "nineteen-eighty-one or from four-digit numbers used in the American telephone numbering system which were originally two letters followed by a number followed by a four-digit number, later by a three-digit. It is avoided for numbers less than 2500 if the context may mean confusion with time of day: "ten ten" or "twelve oh four". The years 2000 to 2009 are most often read as two thousand, two thousand (and) one and the like by both British and American speakers. Numbers greater than a million The same principles apply. "One-oh-one." 109 "A hundred and nine." "One-oh-nine." "One-oh-nine." 110 "A hundred and ten." "One-ten." "One-one-oh." 117 "A hundred and seventeen." "One-seventeen." "One-one-seven." 120 "A hundred and twenty." "One-twenty." "One-two-oh "One-two-zero." 152 "A hundred and fifty-two." "One-fifty-two." "One-five-two." 208 "Two hundred and eight." "Two-oh-eight.". See SI units the long scale (formerly used in British English but now less so) designates a system of numeric names in which a thousand million is called a milliard, and billion is used for a million million. Numbers from 101 to 999 - three-digit numbers Important: the examples and rules below twenty fifth wedding anniversary wishes illustrate British usage. They are written with digits and letters as described below. The expression "one hundred" is used only to put emphasis on the figure one (i.e. Six hundred thousand people were left homeless after the earthquake. I must have asked you twenty times to be quiet. He went to Israel for the third fifty- two euros. One hundred and forty pounds. Twenty One Pilots - Stressed Out - text, peklad - KaraokeTexty


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CNN News, bBC News, telegram, wikipedia. In English the point (.) is used as the decimal separator, and the comma as the thousands separator. Four-digit numbers below 2000 (and rarely above) may sometimes also be expressed starting with "eleven hundred "twelve hundred etc. For example: 13th, 19th, 112th, 9,311th. Apart from round numbers (1000, 7000 etc) there will always be an and somewhere in the number. Common ordinals include: 0th zeroth or (rarely) noughth (see below) 10th tenth 1st first 11th eleventh 2nd second 12th twelfth 20th twentieth 3rd third 13th thirteenth 30th thirtieth 4th fourth 14th fourteenth 40th fortieth 5th fifth 15th fifteenth 50th fiftieth. 'the egg due to its shape, is no longer widely accepted) zilch, nada ( from Spanish ), zip: used informally when stressing nothingness; this is true especially in combination with one another ( "You know nothingzero, zip, nada, zilch!". In particular, the two different forms should not be used for figures that serve the same purpose; for example, it is inelegant to write, "Between day twelve and day 15 of the study, the population doubled." Empty numbers edit "Out. "How Do You Say 2010?". This applies to all numbers except for the number 2, twenty one pilots fairly local lyrics which is read "half" when it is the denominator, and "halves" if there is more than one. Years before the year 0 are followed by BC, t twenty world cup fixtures pronounced as two letters of the alphabet. Some rules should be borne in mind. Forty-three dollars and twenty -five cents (shortened to forty-three twenty -five in everyday). But here all the tables are easily presented. He is tolerant of those who disagree with him. Watch Telugu Movies Online Download free - ibomma Twenty one pilots doubt

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