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slide slide2 Write the name of the activity. That ten days we spent in Florida was fantastic. Preferred: During the '80s and '90s

/slide slide2 Write the name of the activity. That ten days we spent in Florida was fantastic. Preferred: During the '80s and '90s, the.S. Nought / zero / nil / o / love (0) half a world t twenty dozen (6 or approximately 6) a dozen (12 or approximately 12) a score (20 or approximately 20) a billion (1,000,000,000 or a very large number). The simplest way to express large numbers is usually best. Theyre very nice twenty 19 internships persons. We normally use people (a plural word Hes a nice person. Some put a space between the time and AM. Thats a nice pair of jeans. 8 There are a lot of American TV _ shown on British television. Examples: The flight leaves at 6:22.m. Example: A meter is about.1 times longer than a yard. Four years are / is a long time to spend away from family and friends. You have several things happening here Specifically, in your example, the subject noun phrase ( Four years ) is plural, and it is a measure phrase. Twenty dollars seems a ridiculous amount to pay to go to the movies. When deciding whether to use is or are, look who wrote the book twenty years crisis at whether the noun is plural or singular. We often split twenty four seven gk2 up the year in tens. Grammaticality - Four years are four years is - English AreWhen to Use Each Grammarly

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Sometimes you need a or some. (not are the news some words ending in -s can be singular or plural. Example: During the eighties and nineties, the.S. The following examples are typical when using figures to express dates. 6 I need more than ten pounds. Notice that your example (OP's example) is similar in construction to cgel 's.ii example-for it has a singular NP as the. 4 OK (Brazil is playing is also correct) 5 very nice people. With double digits and above, many (but not everyone) regard the apostrophe as superfluous: I scored in the high 90s. For example: means a means of transport many means of transport series a television series two television series species a species of bird 200 species of bird. Examples: We recovered about two-thirds of the stolen cash. 4 The bicycle is _ of transport. Five and one-half percent was the expected wage increase. 1975 is split up in 19 and. (You say: nineteen seventy-five). From 20 the year is normally not split. You use year old when using one and years old when the number of years is greater than one. The word years is plural, so you use that with more than one year, as in Kody is three. How to date is written and spoken in English - Explanation and Examples Numbers in English EF Global Site Pronouncing years BBC World Service Learning English Learn



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Cgel, page 504:.3 Further overrides and alternations (a) Measure phrases, we have already noted that plural measure nominals can be respecified as singular for the purposes of agreement and selection within the. Three eggs is plenty. Again, it is cleaner to avoid an apostrophe between the year and the. (not nice persons) Many people dont have enough to eat. 6 Ten pounds isnt 7 buy some new pyjamas. This chapter will confine itself to rules that all media seem to agree. For clarity, use noon and midnight rather than 12:00 PM and 12:00. 7 Where does / do your family live? Examples: 1,054 people 2,417,592.21 Note: Some choose not to use commas with four-digit numbers, but this practice is not recommended. Mine isnt / arent sharp enough. A few teachers told me there is no such word or that I cannot use it and that I should use three times instead. OR He had only 60 cents. or I ve had that jacket a long time, it is probably more than five. You normally split up the year in tens. 1985 is split up in 19 and. (You say: nineteen eighty-five ). Twenty Twenty Theme: a Tutorial How to Guide for New Users T20 World Cup: India's record against Pakistan is good, says UP Board Syllabus Short Stories Chapter 2 Short Questions


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Single-digit numbers are usually spelled out, but when they aren't, you are just as likely to see 2s and 3s as 2's and 3's. This is the opposite of the collective override: here an NP that is formally plural is conceptualized as referring to a single measure (of time, money, distance, or whatever) and accordingly takes a singular verb. They play football thrice weekly. When it comes to twice, this is more often used than two times, although two times is also quite common in informal usage. Correct: I have 1,250 in my checking account. Do you know the different references to these numbers? 10 Its a nice place to visit. End-link3 shorts 4 a means 5 means 6 some scissors or a pair of scissors 7 a series 8 series 9 speciesend-tooltip 1 My eyesight isnt very good. In each example the words on the left are connected with an activity (for example, a sport or an academic subject). Or buy a new pair of pyjamas. Im only going to say this once. The word and is often left out. From 2010 on the year is split up again. Twenty thousand pounds ( it) was stolen in the robbery. Three years ( it) is a long time to be without a job. Twenty-three - PDF Free Download Numbers and counting - English grammar Twenty seven solid iron spheres, each of radius 2 cm

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