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Only half of the rooms are occupied at the moment. Fortunately, I had a little time to spare. Pass Fail Antonyms examples: She passed with flying

Only half of the rooms are occupied at the moment. Fortunately, I had a little time to spare. Pass Fail Antonyms examples: She passed with flying colors. Her hands were rough from hard work. Knowing these, or learning how to correctly create these, is important because it allows you to use different terms to describe something effectively. Correct Wrong You are correct, the Missouri is the longest river in the. Tough Easy The reporters were asking a lot of tough questions. Boy Girl The boys wanted to play football. Charles was downstairs in the kitchen. They had evicted their tenants for nonpayment of rent. Ignite Extinguish The candle ignited the plastic. List of Common, opposites in English. Afraid Brave; Agree Disagree; All None; Amuse Bore; Animal Human; Asleep Awake; Below Above; Big Small; Boring Exciting; Boy Girl; Broad Narrow; Careful Rush; Cold Heat; Construction Destruction; Cruel Kind; Damage Repair; Dark Light; Different Alike; Divorce Marry; Down Up; Enjoy Hate. 20 Opposite Words above belove add subtract all none alone together always back before after begin end big little cold hot cool warm dark light difficult easy dry wet early late east west empty full enter exit even odd fact fiction first last. 20 opposite words, opposite words in English - MechMass 20 Opposite Words - English Study Here 100 Opposite Words in English - English Study Here

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Lets take a look at some examples to make that clearer: Ugly and beautiful there is some subjectivity here, and there are words in existence that can go some way to describing the gray area between the two. If somebody is buying something from someone else, then that someone else must be selling that something to the buyer. You will need to be able to deal with both customers and suppliers. Behind In front of I turned to speak to the person standing behind. Hungry Full If you get hungry, theres some cold chicken in the fridge. I hadnt seen him since the last meeting. Small Big, examples of Antonyms (Opposites pin. Their motorboat struck a rock and began to sink. Theyre sending out the results next week, so we wont know anything until then. The mayor praised the rescue teams for their courage. Boring Interesting I trudged through a boring day, knowing Id return to an empty apartment as Betsy was off to Los Angeles for the entire week. Word Opposite; A; about: exactly: above: below: absence: presence: abundance: lack: to accept: to refuse: accidental: intentional: active: lazy: to add: to subtract: to admit: to deny: adult: child: advanced: elementary: affirmative: negative: afraid: brave: after: before: against: for. Already not yet argue agree arrest free arrival departure arrive depart busy lazy buy sell calm excited careful careless careless careful catch miss ceiling floor defend attack empty full fix break flat hilly harvest plant humid dry hungry thirsty husband wife ose win. Opposite words examples: If she felt he was right, she would agree with him. 300 Opposites (Antonyms) from A-Z with Great Examples - 7ESL



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Cancer is the leading cause of death in women. Powerful Weak He was one of the most powerful men in Bohemia. Youll have to make some hard decisions. Reference books may not be removed from the library. I decided to stay home. He may be prosecuted for revealing secrets about the security agency. The violence was worse than we expected. Advantage Disadvantage Her experience meant that she had a big advantage over her opponent. Pretty Ugly She still looks pretty miserable. He remains deeply pessimistic about the peace process. Fashionable Old Fashioned He looked to be about her age and his blond hair was neatly combed into a fashionable style. She is a diligent student. He is tolerant of those who disagree with him. It was a bad accident theyre lucky to be alive. Two men were shot dead by terrorists. Learn What Carat Means and What Diamond Carat Measures 4Cs Opposite of Stress, Antonym of Stress, 20 Opposite Words Twenty One Pilots Piano Songs OnlinePianist


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Dim Bright Opposite words examples: Isaac was old and his eyes were dim. Hes receiving medication for an irregular heartbeat. Strong Weak He picked her up in his big strong arms. His lips curled into a crooked smile. Gatwick airport is a few miles to the south of London. Unfortunately, I do not have the information because our records are incomplete. Break Repair I had to break a window to get into the house. Bottom Top Opposites examples: I waited for them at the bottom of the hill. So, lets take a look at some of these reverse or relational antonyms: Parent and offspring the two people obviously have a relationship to one another and the antonyms here are the opposite of one another. Best Worst He won the best actor award. Growth in sales has slowed down. Difficult Easy The exam was very difficult. Have you done all your homework? We saw several houses but none we really liked. Kalian bisa nonton download film Devil on Top (2021) di Film Blurayku di server google drive dengan kualitas HD 360p 480p 720p 1080p. Human Body Parts Names in English and Hindi List of Body Twenty body parts name

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