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She continued to seek out Nij Mens and destroy those close to him, but when he accepts her again, her body expires, her will to live expended

She continued to seek out Nij Mens and destroy those close to him, but when he accepts her again, her body expires, her will to live expended after finally finding Nij Mens again. Dangerous Sixteenth Birthday and/or Growing Up Sucks : Shunka has to cram all the excitement and wacky adventures she can get into her life before she turns sixteen and gets stuck in an arranged marriage, which she figures will. Contents, chizuko Mikamo is a young girl living with her aunt and uncle after her parents died. But when a mysterious detective appears and she learns that there is a possibility that he may still be alive somewhere, Chiko becomes more lively and works, with the help of twenty twenty trading llp a few new friends, to find. He was the one who originally shortened "Chizuko" to "Chiko a nickname which Chiko quickly picked. She idolizes Twenty Faces, which gives her that drive to learn and to become him. The sounds are very atmospheric, and when added to the music, gives a scene a certain "completeness". After the train incident he went off on his own after waiting several days for Nij-Mens to come back for him. Some of the members of Twenty's merry band do hang a lampshade on this, however. Mika Voiced by: Yuki Kodaira A classmate of Chiko from school. Episodes edit Main article: List of Nij Mens no Musume episodes Nij Mens no Musume contains 22 episodes. The lack of attention to the other characters (in comparison to Chiko that is gives the whole series a slightly unfinished feel come the end. Daughter of 20 Faces is a Bones anime from spring 2008. The story is about a girl called Chieko who was freed from her horrible life with her evil stepmother by a band of thieves led by the charismatic 20 Faces. The band became Chiekos surrogate family, with 20 Faces become a father figure to her. The Daughter of, twenty Faces (Nij Mens no Musume) is a action/mystery Manga in the vein of Lupin the 3rd and Cowboy Bebop by Shinji Ohara which began serialized print in 2002 in Comic Flapper magazine. An anime adaptation began airing in Japan on April 12, 2008, produced by Studio bones and TMS Entertainment s Telecom Animation Film and promoted internationally as Chiko, Heiress of the. Nijuu Mensou no Musume (The Daughter of 20 Faces Daughter of Twenty Faces The True Tropes Wiki Fandom

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It's so bad that the latter looks like it belongs to a completely different show for at least the first six episodes, straight down to a different logo than the series logo being used at the end of the end credits. The Stoic : Muta Muta does also engage in a low-key, Stoic version of Drill Sergeant Nasty in episodes 3 and 4 especially in order to drive home the skills that Chiko will need if she's serious about surviving on the edge of the law. Shoji Mikamo Mikamo Shoji ) Voiced by: Toshimitsu Oda Chizuko's uncle, the younger brother of Chiko's father. Worthy Opponent of Endogawa Rampo's detective Akechi Kogor, who is also featured later. Expy : The "white-haired demon" is a dead-ringer for Suigintou from Rozen Maiden and seems to share her cruelly jealous personality. Later on, the whole thing is subverted again in episode 6 when everyone, even Twenty, must kill or they absolutely will be killed themselves. It's usually kept within fairly realistic limits though. This of course involves some classic Take My Hand imagery as well. She views her "kidnapping" by Twenty Faces and his gang as a gift, and rapidly warms up to her new "family" - the reasons for this being made obvious in the first few episodes. Antagonists edit Yoshie Mikamo Mikamo Yoshie ) Voiced by: Yumi Touma Chizuko's aunt is actually the wife of Shoji Mikamo, the younger brother of Chiko's father, so she and Chiko are not related by blood. Ken Voiced by: Masaya Matsukaze A teenager who is an expert in knife throwing. The Daughter of Twenty Faces ) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by manga author Shinji Ohara. The manga was serialized in the seinen manga magazine Comic Flapper between 20, but continued serialization in the same magazine with the title. Nij Mens no Musume Utsushiyo no Yoru since twenty xxx October 5, 2007. The Daughter of Twenty Faces Anime the Review The Daughter of Twenty Faces - 13 by KayJay333 on DeviantArt The Daughter of Twenty Faces - 17,18 by KayJay333 on)



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Even underwater, just one case would already have been too heavy for several strong men to lift. He lost the vision in his left eye after being attacked by Tiger. Now, with Twenty Faces and the rest of the band as her family, she has found a home at last. But a sudden train accident caused by Tiger, Twenty Faces' strongest enemy, kills most of the band and seems to have killed Twenty Faces himself. In the eleventh episode of the anime it is revealed that Shunka had a twin sister who drowned at age. Great Detective : Chiko, good thing for her health too. She approaches Chiko with the intent to drag her into despair and feels that Chiko will never understand what it means to be close to Nij Mens. Muta Voiced by: Kenta Miyake A member of Nij Mens's group, an older man who appears to disapprove of Chiko joining Nij Mens's group because she is still a child and a possible liability. However, Chiko's sincerity, resourcefulness, and ability to adapt and learn the life of the thieves eventually gains his open acceptance of her. Hans Voiced by: Susumu Chiba A member of Nij Mens's group, a young man who readily accepts Chiko as one of their own. Ymmv, radar,"s funny, heartwarming, awesome ). Eleven-year-old Chizuko Mikamo is a victim; she is aware that her cruel relatives have been slowly poisoning her, but she can t do anything to escape her fate except starve herself. Luckily for her, the infamous thief, Twenty, faces, has arrived to steal her household s most valuable treasure: Chizuko herself. Twenty, faces, Ken, Skipper and the rest of the gang, Chizuko travels. Are Isha and Michael Still Together? Lockdown Journal Day Five of Twenty-One The Minimalist One hundred and twenty-eight thousand - Official trailer


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Detective Akine Akine-tasaku ) Voiced by: Masanori Takeda A detective hired by Chizuko's aunt and uncle to look for her when she is taken by Nij-Mens, chosen specifically because Chiko's aunt knew that he would be too incompetent to find Chiko. Super Soldier : Several, the Human Tank formula being the most prominent, with wooden psudo-cyborg replacement being the other. He also used Seiji Tamiya's research to create enhanced cybernetic bodies for himself and others, eventually changing his body in the image of Nij Mens. She and her partner, Takashi Tsuya, experimented on themselves and enhanced their bodies, but when they found they could not reach the intended results of the research, they sought to find a cure by approaching Chiko, believing. Not related to the, clamp manga, Man of Many Faces (the title character is called "The Man of 20 Faces. Twenty Faces first appeared in the late 1920's as the. Later, however, it is revealed that he still has a soft spot for Chiko and helps her and the passengers on a crashing airship escape, soon after Nij-Mens disappeared a second time. Chiko is a smart and creative girl with a passion 25000 twenty five thousand dinars to learn new skills, as well as a hard worker. Jumped At the Call : Chiko is so eager to go with Twenty that the only thing preventing her from getting out the door before he does is her episode 1 illness. Schoolgirl Lesbians : Tome insinuates this about Chiko and Shunka; it's not completely inaccurate, but she was taking something she saw out of context. Plot, tear Jerker, headscratchers, trivia WMG, recap. Seeing Chikos state, Twenty, faces gives her a choice, to join him or to stay with her family and she choose the path of the phantom thief. Chiko is a smart and creative girl with a passion to learn new skills, as well as a hard worker. Twenty, faces, which gives her that drive to learn and to become him. Twenty One Pilots - klenky, nramky, etzky Five hundred Article about five hundred by The Free Scores Fixtures - Football - BBC Sport The FA Cup Twenty twenty theme customization

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